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The Smart 1HP / 750 W Drive System That
Will Pay For Itself Within The First Year *



Save big in our Labor Day Flash Sale! This is your chance to try out an intuitive Striatech Motor System! Enjoy $150 off and shipping is on us!

See Why You Should Buy One Below ...

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$799 $649

1 HP Motor System

Initial product quantity: 120 units

Current product quantity: 98 units

Striatech’s line of multi-firing motors are the pinnacle of our line.
Featuring an intelligent control system, these motors can be bolted on to your application for best energy savings and improved operation.
Do you want to do your wallet a favor?
Choose this motor system to reduce your energy bill!


Who Should Get This Motor System?

Let’s See … Check Off All The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

You are looking to save money on the long run
You are looking for a PROVEN tool to help you work smarter, not harder
You are looking for unrivaled torque
You want a tool that can adapt to your work style
You are interested in a low-maintenance solution
You want a product backed by a manufacturer with a 10-year warranty
You are looking for a safe product

If You Checked ANY Of The Above, This Motor Is For You and You Can Hugely Benefit From Getting One!

Calculate Your Personal Savings

Where mind meets motor

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stock motor

stock motor

SAVINGS (1yr): A penny $814 saved is a penny $814 earned. A penny $1.158 saved is a penny $1.158 earned.

Modify The Energy Cost In Your City, And The Number Of Hours You Typically Run Your Application Weekly. See Your Estimated Savings By Using A Striatech Motor System Instead Of A Standard Motor.

Why Do You Need This Electric Motor System? Build Your Own Intelligent Machine

DIY machine tools Agricultural Solutions Fluid handling Other solutions
Dust collectors Agricultural pumps Heat pumps Conveyors
Grinders Augers Oil pumps Garage/Attic lifts
Sanders Fan systems Pool pumps Hydraulic log splitters
Saws Feeders Water pumps Personal elevators

Assemble your own grinder, make it superior over most grinders available and save money doing it!

The process is simple, and it only took 5 minutes! We bought a 2×72 grinder from e-bay and attached a Striatech Smart Drive System . In the following video (8 minutes) our chief engineer will walk you through the assembly and show you the results of using this intuitive smart drive. 

You can easily save at least $500 with a DIY grinder set and a Striatech Drive System and your grinder will still be more superior than many brand name grinders. 

This little grinder project gives you an example of just ONE application that you can sophisticate by using a Striatech Drive System. 

GET CREATIVE and experience the benefits of variable speed control, constant speed while under load (better finish) and a much lower power consumption!

If you hook up a Striatech system up to another application show us on social media.

to Last

10-Year warranty (on the motor) and 2-Year warranty (on the electronics)


1 HP motor that will start paying for itself immediately


adapts to the load, has multiple safety features and an intelligent controller

Environmentally Friendly

energy savings up to 98% under no/light load & up to 50% under variable operating conditions


Who Is Backing This Up?

This is the same technology that powers NOVA’s well acclaimed, high-end woodworking tools, RIKON’s 10-326 Deluxe 14″ Bandsaw and the Shopsmith Mark 7 Pro. All these tools and many more are developed around a Striatech Intuitive Motor, using the same tech as the one that we offer in this special promotion.

It’s Time To Think Differently...

If you make a very superficial comparison, a simple “dumb” AC motor is less expensive than a Striatech intuitive motor. This is absolutely true. 

While a normal AC motor can be found for $100-$300, you have to invest $799 in a Striatech smart motor system (luckily this limited special offer brings the price down to $649 including shipping from the regular MRSP at $799).

But here’s the thing: rather consider the overall Total Cost of the Ownership (TCO) and keep in mind two essential things. 

First – the acquisition cost is usually between 2% and 8% of the total cost and second – a Striatech motor has the potential to save you up to $50,000 within the next ten years.

Unique Benefits Of the Striatech motor System

This overview compares some of the Striatech drive system’s advantages over standard AC and DC motors. Displayed are some of the main deciding points to consider when choosing a motor. Striatech Systems demonstrate distinctive superiorities over induction motors. Equipping your application with a Striatech system is like adding a brain to your muscle!
Motor Comparison Striatech Motor AC Motor DC Motor
No use of belts and pulleys causing friction, vibration or wear
Max torque over the entire speed range
No need to use belts and pulleys to achieve desired speed required
Efficient power performance reducing stress and wear on components
No rotor windings to overheat and fail
No brushes to wear out and fail needing to be replaced
Smart, computerized motor that can safety and fault sense
Energy efficient, next generation green technology

Issues with Your Striatech Product?

Only Striatech gives you this exclusive

We’re confident that your Striatech motor and controller will work flawlessly right out of the box. If for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, please contact us at help@striatech.com.

Our warranty policy provides a ten-year limited warranty on your motor and two-year limited warranty on all electronics. Exclusions include wear items such as bearings, etc. Please include proof of purchase with your warranty claim.

Please share any questions you have regarding our warranty policy with our customer service team or call 727-202-9932.

Zero load test

unboxing experience 1/2

unboxing experience 2/2

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